Gabriel von Flügel (glitterunddoom) wrote,
Gabriel von Flügel

charloft: life vs. death

Would you rather:

A. Live forever?


B. Die of old age ?

The Cumaean Sybil offered her virginity to the god Apollo in exchange for a prolonged life, one year for each grain of sand in a handful she snatched up. However, she forgot to ask for eternal youth so her body eventually shrunk and withered to the point where it could be kept in a jar.

What I’m trying is say is I’m not stupid. There’s nothing in this question that suggests I would stay young forever. Life as it is now is bad enough. Life without youth would be agony. Or rather, it would be an ignorance of agony.

There is nothing more absurd than growing old. The contentment that the elderly feel, the placid smile on their softened faces, that almost religious enjoyment they can get out of a bowl of soup, is product of dulled senses. There is a physical degeneration of the brain, along with a deep fatigue. Boxers experience much the same feeling.

If life feels pleasant, you are deluding yourself. Pain, anger and disgust are signs that you are alive, just as much as a heartbeat.

Therefore I must go with Option C: Death before the age of forty.
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