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Two Questions

1. Do you believe in a higher power of any kind?

No. I was given a religious education and my parents tried to put the fear of God in me, but they themselves were not exceptionally pious or religious people. They used it as a way to serve themselves: honor thy mother and father, be good, don’t give us any trouble. But from a young age, I rejected the idea of some sort of power which rules over us. I see nothing in the world that supports it. And even if there is a God, I have as little use for Him as He has for me.

2. Do you believe in existence after death?

I do, but I can’t not explain it. I know it doesn’t make any sense and there can hardly be any proof, but the fact that there is something waiting for us after death, in some way, is something I just can’t shake. Perhaps not a heaven or a hell, but just some haunting presence, some shadow of what once was.
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